If its not broke….

As this is my first ever blog i suppose i need to introduce myself. Yes, this was the last bit i wrote, i don’t like introductions, even in person. What is the point, why do you need to know my name,  to answer my questions or carryout a request?

But life lessons have teach you that you need to follow some rules, no matter how unnecessary you think they are.  I fire of  a quick “Hi i’m S, can you ……….”

So, Hi I’m Lady Spergers 🙂

I’m a middle-aged married mum of 2 young girls and received a formal diagnosis (private, but i’ll save that rant for a later post) in late 2016. I work for a large IT outsourcing company.  This blog is my effort at self therapy to help me get my head round the monumentalness of my  diagnosis and the instant relief it brought.

For the 40 years (give or take a week – eek!) that i have existed on this earth i have thought maybe that i was broken. Something was “wrong” with me.  I felt like i was surrounded by aliens or idiots, like i was always swimming against the flood. To be fair I still often think I’m surrounded by idiots, but lets put that one aside for now.

But really, people baffled me. What they did, what they said, how they reacted to things.  SOCIAL POLITICS!! But what bothered me more than not understanding them is that they didn’t understand me. They didn’t understand me, they didn’t like me and i didn’t know why.

Now i know it wasn’t because i am an unpleasant unlikable person. It’s because i play by a different set of rules. Rules that i like thanks very much. I have discovered I am not broken.

I find that liberating.

I find it terrifying

and, as ever, I find it EXHAUSTING!

but most of all I find it brilliant!



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