I’m NOT lazy

Have you ever wondered why other people can go to work, manage their kids, and their homes and still go out in the evening and do “fun family stuff” at the weekend?  I on the other hand come home from work, curl up on the sofa and pray to the gods of employment that my husband gets home from work soon so i can go to bed while he deals with the small people.  At the weekend, I top and tail lunch with a lie in and an afternoon nap.  Don’t get me wrong i have good days when we manage a full day out or i play teddies at gym class with my 5 year old, but there is more sleep than play most days.

At the moment I work part time.  Pre-kids I worked full time. I’ve even had second jobs. But do you know what, it was and is hard. Really hard, Role into bed and sleep round the clock, can’t take off my own shoes hard.

Apparently only 18% of people with Autism are in full time work, and around 35% are in some sort of work. That leaves A LOT of people with autism not in work. That’s a shocking statistic right there, but you know what. I’m not that surprised.

One of the key benefits to getting my diagnosis was to understand the reason why everything was so hard. Pretending to be “normal” is really fucking hard. I can not tell you what an absolute overwhelming relief that knowledge was.  There is a reason why I feel like I am constantly fighting against a tide of idiots  😉 Hallelujah

Besides my hubby and kids of course, BEST DECISION EVER. It doesn’t make it any physically easier but knowledge is power and all that.


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