I make a poor poet…….

But i’m still going to subject you to it 🙂

I have been thinking lately about a conversation I had with an Aunt.  She was telling me in polite conversation about a local shopkeeper. Apparently my Aunt was behind me in the queue. After I left, the shopkeeper said to my Aunt “i really hate that kid”. My Aunt it seems stuck up for me. But in the conversation then pointed out “I may have agreed with her, but you are family and i can think that but she cant”.  Apparently this was her telling me that i wasn’t “a horrible child” anymore. I liked this Aunt…….


When I was a girl, life was strange

Girls played and talked and danced and sang

They made friends in groups and whispered in corners

They made plans and laughed and spoke an odd language

It wasn’t French or German or Spanish

It was a language they don’t teach you in class

It was a language I couldn’t master or guess at

It meant I stood out, was laughed at, was not invited

When I was a girl the bullies had fun

The teachers joined in when the bullies were done

The shopkeepers, the coaches the aunts and uncles

The parents………………………assumptions

I was that girl that nobody liked

I was that girl who’s life didn’t matter

I was that girl who rules were different

I was THAT girl.

So next time you point a finger and laugh

Remember that girl can be easily broken

She has a soul and a mind and a heart there inside

She has love to give if you take time to find it

So sit back and think what it is you can do

Explain the rules, help decipher the language

Accept the difference and expand you mind

You may be amazed at the friendship you then find


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