Is it burn out or not?

Recently I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; which is, by its nature, really an absence of a diagnosis as there is no “test” as such.  It’s been 9 years now that I have struggled to function on a day to day basis.

Not unconnected I’m sure, my eldest daughter is 8…….

But, given the lack of actual test based diagnosis, and my recently diagnosed Aspergers,  it makes me wonder whether  it is really a separate syndrome causing my extreme fatigue or an unacknowledged symptom of being high functioning autistic, working, married Mother of 2?

I find a medical acknowledgement of my exhaustion as an absolute positive thing. I just wish it hadn’t taken several years of being told that “modern life is hard”; and that it was something treatable.

Either way I feel that the separate diagnosis gives me the permission to just STOP, that the Apergers diagnosis did not. I suppose my main musing then is why that is?Anecdotally the symptoms are almost identical. Spoon theory to describe the limited number of energy units available are used to describe both.  Energy debt and payback for overdoing it are also part of both; as is absolute bone crunching cant get out of bed fatigue.  CFS however, after years of being shunned as a fake illness is now becoming more recognised and acceptable within society. Aspergers in women though, despite recent publicity is less well accepted.  Certainly in the “real world” far more people know I have CFS than know I am a woman with Aspergers. Which given that Aspergers is part of who  I am, is a bit sad really.

But whether Aspergic Burnout or CFS being the cause, the result is the same. I have reacted to the latest diagnosis, with the agreement of my husband, by hitting the big red stop button (and immediately coming down with tonsillitis yay!!).

Change is coming…..

Change is here…

Big change..

I am full of hope that a down shift in pace will improve my involvement in family life and bring relief to all involved. Not to forget the odd cup of coffee in the morning sun 🙂



One thought on “Is it burn out or not?

  1. How wonderful to take the time to STOP and reset. So simple in concept, so complex in reality but hopefully hugely beneficial to you and the family. Good luck!


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